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The American Summer started around Christmas of 2004. Writing began and before long, the all acoustic debut effort titled "Shots Fired" was finished. "Shots Fired was my first completely solo effort; I did everything all alone. It turned out alright--mostly how I envisioned it. The album as a whole is not really about anything, each song tells its own story, most of the stories are about heartbreak due to any number of things: missing a loved one who is far away, the death of a loved one, genral heartache, etc."

Writing continued and several more efforts, set to release the summer of 2006, was the result. "My Perdition was originally about my downfalls as a human being, it has changed so much, now it is not really about that anymore; I kept the title because I really like it. It is now about different people I have encountered in my life. 3 of the songs are about a girl I care deeply for. Another is dedicated to a friend of mine and her Aunt (guess which song that is). The others a