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..Stuttering Monks is a culmination of my many years of fascination with electronic love of computers coupled with my long time admiration for all kinds of World Music has finally led to my own personal fusion of the two.

My musical influences include Banco De Gaia, Bill Nelson, Afrocelt Sound System, Natacha Atlas and Underworld.

I have not played live, and have no plans to for the foreseeable future (I'm a coward when it comes to standing up in front of even a small audience!).
Also live performance would be difficult for me as my music is primarily computer based….thus it would be excruciatingly dull for an audience to watch me alternating between a computer keyboard and a MIDI one, whilst I was staring transfixed at a monitor screen!!!.....however who knows what the future may bring?!!

I have four complete albums to my name at the moment, with a fifth currently under development.