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Stroberider (a.k.a. Dreamscaper) creates hard/soft, melodic/deep, dark/light Electronic music, and has been producing for over 13 years now. This is his passion and has always been and always will be. Stroberider has created over 40 top tracks for every Electronic genre imaginable. He's an artist whose music will capture your aural senses and take your mind on a musical expedition through every variation of Electronic music. He enjoys making Trance, Drum and Bass and Ambient tracks because of the deep and rich atmospheric melodies that derive from the emotional influence through his musical capabilities. He uses Reason 4.0 for almost all of his music mixing along with ReCycle, ReBirth, ReLoad, and CubaseSX for sampling, PCF (Pattern Controlled Filtering), smooth AKAI format conversion, and MIDI editing. He would love to get his music produced and distributed to as many people who like it just as equally.

~Byron Crowfoot