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Storrow Drive formed right around the time Chris D'Agnese (vocals, guitar) graduated from U.C.F. in Orlando Fl, only to break up shortly after recording the first cd. Chris continued to play solo for most of 2005 in Orlando, Tampa, Southern Florida and Austin Texas. At the end of July he moved out west where unfortunately music took a bit of a back seat. After 6 months of living in San Diego he went back to his roots in the Boston area for the first time since he left in 98'. Chris is back on the fast track with support from family, friends, and fans, writing new songs and refining the old ones, performing regularly and making good music. The songs he writes are driven by soul, life, love, memories, excess, reflection and faith. Now working with a Maine native, guitarist, songwriter Andrew Hamlin, Storrow Drive is one step closer to a being a full band once again. Thanks for all of the support and look for Chris, Andrew & Storrow Drive in Boston 2006!