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Paul "Steptoe" Riley is a musician producer born and raised in London. He started out as a guitarist/songwriter with South London reggae band The Redbeats before forming The Ardliners. He played and sang in the 1990s with a variety of bands including Tribal Union and Hotliners. Released a UK garage record "Just like this" featuring Glen Ford as part of Groovtex in 2004 and wrote the backing track for a re-mix of Geridu's "Must be the music" which was released in 2005 under the guise of Fluid House.Writes and performs with Chris "A-BB" Francis as Dubtwins Made several tracks earlier this year with London Diva, Ruby Red AKA Natalie Corbett. Currently working on an album and gigging with Carlene Graham www.myspace/steptoeandcarlenegraham