Solaris Musici


Solaris Musici, founder of Celestial Hierarchy aka Underground Desert Trance Movement (UDTM). touching and pulsating progressive, yet celestial sounds of trance.

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Darin Carter aka Solaris Musici touched synthesizers and keyboards back in 1998, when his father, Duane Carter taught him the connectivity of electronic music and jazz. Experiencing the history of the African Diaspora and Europeon Cutting and Slicing, Musici fell in love with the sound of melodic / progressive trance. Creating sounds with his father, he picked up the sounds of ambient, chillout, downtempo, and trip hop. In 2000, Musici pushed himself to the next level, finding influences like Oliver Lieb (LSG), Paul Oakenfold, George Acosta, Dj Froggie, and his father, became his role-models to continuing this journey through music. He then, combining the sounds of trance and ethereal sounds of ambient, created an event organization for underground gatherings; Celestial Hierarchy / Natural High Entertainment.