Skunk Factory


Genre: Dub/Hardcore/Comedy
Influences: Albert Einstein, Chris Morris, Dr. Josef Mengele, Glaxo-Smithkline, Monsanto, King Tubby, Lee Perry, Augustus Pablo, and Mad Scientist to name a few.

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Skunk Factory is the Masterplan. Skunk Factory is subharmonic undertone bass devastation for your sound system. Skunk Factory wants to give you a kilo of evil audio superskunk to mashup your speakers, and make your ears bleed.

Prof Adam T. Ph.D., P.E., eminent biophysicist, musician and ranking sound system engineer of more than 20 years, decided to use his extensive knowledge of human biomechanics & sound engineering to design sound system equipment that is capable of reproducing bass frequencies with subharmonic undertones of such intensity as to be capable of causing severe disruption to human cognitive function, with close proximity or sufficient amplitude at a distance causing haemorrhaging or even death.

Due to the ongoing popularity of the internet, Adam decided to create this page in 2007, as an extension of his ongoing experiments into utilisation of the CBASS® system in Dub.