Simon James White ( Bassface )


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In 2006 Simon White embarked on his first solo project armed with a wealth of musical idea’s. Coupled with his own lyrical style Simon set out his personal commentary on subjects as diverse as love, hate, one night stands, living hand to mouth and the fragility and complexity of the human condition. All set against a backdrop of hard hitting, straight talking rock music often referencing from where it came without ever taking a backwards step.

Simon White is set to release his first album, inspired by his first two passions rock music and people “Talk on Corners” is the uncompromisingly perceptive & insightful result.

Track listing:

1. Sanctify
2. Penny Jar
3. Working Man
4. Song for a lonely boy
5. C.C.C
6. Sarsoura
7. Sailing on
8. The Dancer
9. Talk on Corners