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SIDEREAL DAY "a rock band from planet Maine" USA

A sidereal (pronounced sigh-dear'-real) day refers to the rotation of the Earth measured relative to the stars. It is the time it takes the Earth to rotate 360 degrees and is equal to 23 hours, 56 minutes and 4 seconds.

The name fits, because Sidereal Day is not just any good ol’ rock and roll band. With Dennis Simoneau and Steve Eaton on guitars and vocals, Jim Myhaver on bass, Pat Raymond on keyboard, and Kurt Johnson on drums, Sidereal Day presents us not only with new, classic-style rock that’s great for shakin’ your tail-feathers, but each of these five men have come full circle in their lives as professional musicians. And they made it around a little differently than most.

Originally named Still Standin’, they started out as a cover band, playing everyone’s favorite songs at local shows all over Southern Maine. They spent time writing at rehearsals, and even recorded a 5-song demo, but stuck to the program for the