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We Are Show Off Summer, or S.O.S if you like or dot dot dot dash dash dash dot dot dot (. . . - - - . . .) if you like morse code! we are currently a 3 piece band that play music of an original and unique style, can't really decide under what 'genre' or 'sub-genre' we have to be catorgorized into. Personally i would like 2 genres, music i like and music i dont like but thats a different matter. Anyway we just got these exceedingly (duno how to spell that) good recordings done from the amazing folks at BASEHQ so woopdy woop! We're building up the gigs more and more by the day, so if you like our recordings, the way we sound, and would like us to play a gig then please mail us and then we will mail back! honest! Therefore we'd like to thank you for checking us out and peace! Show Off Summer!