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Toronto’s own Shells Yonge (aka Sheldon Allong) was born into a family of music. His older brothers (Shakari Nyte, Bully and Syrus Con) were all rap artists and encouraged Shells from a young age to start rapping. But Shells being the most shy out of his brothers refused to start rapping. Instead he just hung around his brothers and watched them do it. As the years went by, Shells continued to hang around the studio and take in what his brothers were doing. Until the year 2004 at the age of seventeen Shells decided to write his first rhymes. He recorded his first song on his computer and played it for his brother (Syrus Con) who was surprised at how well Shells flowed. After Shells seen the reaction he got from his brother he continued to write more rhymes and entertain his friends and family. A year later things got more serious as childhood friend JusDoe (Producer) formed Century Records and wanted to put out a mix tape (“The Mixtape of da Century Vol.1”) which featured Mic Scott, Sy