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Shawn Martin is a self-producing musician from Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada.

He composes and creates his music digitally and writes all his lyrics. He has released and entire instrumental album titled, "The Hell I've Created" in 2006.

His official debut album came in 2008 with "Deoxide" which featured songs of different styles and stories and features his single "They Say I'm Troubled." The album can be purchased online only at CafePress.

His followup album "Monoxide" is yet to be released but scheduled sometime in 2010. He changed his music for the most for it, but still has songs with different stories. It features a piano ballad titled "The Best for Her" describing a love for a celebrity who let the fame destroy her. It also features the angry breakup song "Throwing Out the Trash."

Shawn is also working with a friend, helping her record and release some of her tracks. Unlike Shawn, her music is more softer and personal based.