Shawn Harris


The music of Shawn Harris is fresh, with a unique blend of spiritual flavor.
His voice carries you to an unknown atmosphere and the music, all written by Harris himself, paint brushes his vision with spirituality and utter forgiveness.

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An intense acoustic journey that at times touches on Days Of The New, with hints of Dirt-era Alice In Chains, some Temple Of The Dog dynamics, and a kaleidoscope of '70s icons like Rush, Zeppelin, James Taylor and even some vintage Heart from their Dreamboat Annie days. Highlights for me were: "Promised Land" - The lyrics & melody remind me of the great '70s singer/songwriters like Cat Stevens (one of my personal faves) and Elton John. But with a distinct "modern" and very original feel. "Fortune Lies Freedom" -Reminds me a tiny bit of a song from the first CD by Snow Patrol in chord progressions. I love the way the guitars/verses build in intensity
- very Jimmy Page-esque (think of songs off Physical Graffiti and Presence like "Achilles Last Stand"). Also reminds me a tiny bit of Farewell To Kings-era Rush for some reason. "Temptation" - My favorite overall. It's so heavy & intense,like "No Quarter" or "Wish You Were Here." I think this one showcases the layered guitars, vocals, lyr