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A Long Row to Hoe is an old country Mississippi slang phrase for doing the impossible and can also describe the rap duo, “Second to None”. “I.G.” and “J Roc” born Ivan Gilbert and Jeremy Reed are doing the impossible. They formed the group “Second to None – 220” in 2008 in a small country farm town called Holly Bluff. When asked about the small town with a population of 148 and I.G. said; “Very few people have heard of Holly Bluff but that’s where we reside, it’s our home and will be forever even if we decide to move. These grounds made us and Holly Bluff is what inspired us to be great and forced us to have creative minds to think outside of the box. So we rep it like we are a million strong even though it’s a small population”.
Second to None has been performing live all over Mississippi since early 2008 and J Roc explains that the forming of 220 had to be an act of God. “Musically, what God has planned for us is destined to come to pass. When we are on stage we entertain & we in