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Russell Murdoch

'Whatever It Takes'

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I've been plaing in bands for years and finally decided to take my material in the studio and lay it down. I do pretty much most things on the album except the drums and horns. It was fun I hope you like it. The Album is produced by Rick Parkhouse (Sandi Thom/Get Amped) and has a cool vibe It's a wide mix of styles so there should be something for everyone.

The Production is pretty tight so If you want the full sonic spectrum that's available on the album instead of MP3's then drop me a line or buy on-line here.


Here is a review of the album from

"If Chris Rea ever sold his bearded Geordie soul to Satan it might sound like this. There are polished guitar licks aplenty of this lp from Dorset native Russell Murdoch, but they’re all of the dark and fuzzy variety. And there are more than a few drainpipe-jean-tight grooves on here too. From throbbing ‘60s funk to sharp-toed New Wave angles, these eleven tracks make for a volatile ride."