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I present my tracks in a LIVE SET (or Live P.A.). That means putting together my laptop, a controller keyboard, my mixer and turntables to make people dance. And it gets even better when either VJ Tatu Guerra or VJ Eletro-i-Man adds live images to my music. Since 1992, I've been working hard in Belo Horizonte, my hometown in Brazil. First as a DJ and later on as a producer. My work has always been based on Black Music in general, from American and Brazilian Funk of the 70's to its evolution in electronic music. I am also influenced by Brazilian Folk music from different regions. As a producer, I recorded an independent promo CD entitled "Pode Quebrar" in 2001 and most recently a LIVE SET DEMO CD entitled "Prá Descontrariar". In 2003, I had my debut album "No Meu Terreiro" released by the label Tratore. This album featured some musicians from my hometown: Marku Ribas, Alda Resende, Alexandre Cardoso (Berimbrown), Lenis Rino (Elefante Groove) and Décio Ramos (Uakti). I also have produced