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Robopop - The Return

The Best Electro Pop Compilation Of 2007?

Tracklisting at bottom of page!

"Compilation Of The Week" 5/5 (DMC Magazine)

"Essential - in the Popjustice Almighty Top 10" (

"Truly kick-arse...proving there's still life in the electro scene yet" Fuck Magazine

"Oozing slick, cheeky electronic ditties from the likes of Goldfrapp and Matinee Club, it's a treat from start to finish. A pop album anyone would be proud to own" (International DJ Magazine)

"Flawlessly retro-tastic" M8 Magazine


"Oh golly. Hand us a moist towelette - we need to calm ourselves down. The second best pop compilation of the year. Mercy!" DIY Music Site


1. Matinee Club
2. Dragonette
3. SuperJupiter
4. Performance
5. Formatic
6. Lorraine
7. Huski
8. Tiga
9. Robots In Disguise
10. Temposhark Ft Princess Julia
11. Ping Pong Bitches
12. Volunteer
13. Soho Dolls
14. Knights
15. Macondo