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It is becoming increasingly difficult to categorize music by REVERE. Incorporating violin, cello, and trumpet into a three guitar-led sound, REVERE touch on numerous musical reference points, combining elements of gypsy marches, klezmer, post rock, film scores and gospel into a truly unique sound. Live, REVERE play with an unparalleled intensity, working songs from music-box soft openings into relentless walls of sound shot through with a show-stopping falsetto.

REVERE spent 2005 rapidly building up a devoted fan-base, giving away close to 5000 free copies of their white label acoustic As The Radars Sleep EP. REVERE then launched their debut release on their own Albino imprint, the Chloroform EP, to a packed house at The Spitz, London. Its widescreen appeal saw REVERE placed at No. 8 in the Reader’s Playlist in MOJO Magazine - conspicuously the only unsigned band in the whole magazine – as well as being playlisted on two major US radio stations – KUSF and KRTU.