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Hi there everyone. My Name in Razorian. I am a full time musician. I do it all!

I am about to release my 2nd acoustic album called "You Don't Want To Know My Name" , the first single comes out today "June 20th 2010".
I also make hip-hop and rap beats. I sell them at www.karmazorianbeats.com

My frist rap album came out in 2007, and my punk album "Pirates,Thugs,and Thieves was released in 2008. My Punk band is called Kokos and Friends and you can hear us at

I also have alot of other music selling on Cdbaby including a Vancouver compilation I created with a bunch local artist. Its called Ghetto Rising 2 and was released in 2009.

Thanks for checking my out! You can get ahold of my at any of these websites of e-mail me at

Artist's Hot Blog

Title:  You Don't Want to Know My Name!
Created: Sunday 20 June 12:52
Last Updated: Sunday 20 June 12:52
Category:  General
Summary:The track list for my newest album "You Don't Want To Know My Name"

Title:  Back to the abandoned house
Created: Sunday 20 June 12:48
Last Updated: Sunday 20 June 12:50
Category:  General

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