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Raiza Rapz aka Mr. Blade is from Southern Connecticut and has been rhyming since 12 years old. Rapz is one of the most diverse MC's in the game with an ability to adapt to any beat or concept thrown his way. Raiza tears mics apart with slick metaphors and heavy punchlines while holding down a constant swagger. His size, stature and skills are unmatched...Ladies wanna hug'em, Dudes want none of him. While being a member of various groups in Connecticut, Raiza saw some success but was limited in regards to his creativity with his music. Check for him with plenty of appearcences with ILL,Northern League and Skarr Vega just to name a few..... . A solo mixtape entitled, The Raiza's Edge is on the way for 2008 and the demand for Rapz is growing rapidly. He is growing in popularity thru mixtape spots and performances throughout the Tri-State.