RAF21 : electronica and original classical musics.
New album : Mythology

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Hello !
I'm a french composer, 28 years old.
I play the flute, the piano and the guitar.
I compose world, electronica, and classical.
Some of my musics are played in concert.
Good listening !

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Title:  All my musics in free and legal download
Created: Friday 15 February 22:11
Last Updated: Friday 15 February 22:12
Category:  Musics
Summary:You can now download all my musics for free on AIRTIST :

Raf21 on airtist

Title:  Asian Life version II
Created: Tuesday 05 June 20:46
Last Updated: Tuesday 05 June 20:46
Category:  Musics
Summary:Asian Life
Remasterised June 2007

 Asian Life has always been in the top downloads, so I decided to make a new version, with better instruments.
Good listening !


Asian Life on Neo Music Store :
[url=http://www.neomusicstore.com/downloads/digital-221916573175-raf21-asian-life-raf21.html]Asian Life sur Neo Music Store[/url]

Title:  Behind Ennemy Lines (Action/Aventure)
Created: Wednesday 11 April 20:38
Last Updated: Wednesday 11 April 20:39
Category:  Musics

Title:  Album Mythology over
Created: Wednesday 28 February 09:05
Last Updated: Wednesday 28 February 09:05
Category:  Musics
Summary:At last the album Mythology is over !
14 tracks, 52 minutes of orchestral music.
You can listen to it here :
Album Mythology 

Title:  Hera
Created: Monday 12 February 17:04
Last Updated: Monday 12 February 17:04
Category:  Musics
Summary:New track : Hera, Zeus wife
Classical music, andante

Title:  Black Magic
Created: Sunday 04 February 22:22
Last Updated: Sunday 04 February 22:22
Category:  Musics

Title:  I have a Dream
Created: Monday 29 January 22:20
Last Updated: Monday 29 January 22:21
Category:  Musics

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