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Queen Tantrum is the culmination of a musical journey through the classical oasis to the rock jungle. Birthed in 2008 by Emma the Amazonian vocalist, Queen Tantrum rocks!!!

"...Emma is the sun and the moon in Queen Tantrum Rocks!!! and her spirit simmers to a boil in her vocal performances. "WAITING" is her signature song, and you get the feeling she and the band are just starting to get their mojo working. More to come, in other words. As if she were the Annie Lennox/Grace Jones soulchild, her voice and lyrics fuse with metally rock and after-midnite passion."
- Richard Filaccio, The Pop League)

"Love your music girl, what a BIG VOICE! Funky, tight riffs, sexy, exotic, rhythmic, original gutsy tunes. Love 'Into This' a lot! I could rock to these tunes all night.
Hope you get massive, you deserve everything!"