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Furyus Styles aka The Bigg Freeze is the founder/ lead artist and producer of Prime Style Music.

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Prime Style Music has an extensive resume for hip-hop with over a decade of experience in the industry, and is always on the look out for new ideas to evolutionize the hip-hop genre. Starting with it's co-founders Furyus Styles and Biggie Bigg, Prime Style Music releases it's first digital single and anticipates to release more. To further it's talent roster it inlisted the talent and sound of Scagnetti "Al" Capone and many other prominent starting artists. It's freshman debut from a small city in Texas called Corpus Christi to it's soon sophmoric release from San Antonio, Tx. Prime Style Music continues to grow and hopes that everyone who listens grows along with us.

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Title:  The Table CD now available for purchase.
Created: Saturday 20 January 05:40
Last Updated: Saturday 20 January 05:40
Category:  General
Summary:As of 1/19/07 Prime Style Music's debut CD is available for purchase.

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