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Postcard Home is the new ambient electronica project from bassist George Hoult and Dead Rose Garden vocalist and guitarist, Tom Clayton. After Tom's move to Manchester from New Zealand, the pair became friends realised early on that they really clicked musically. However, with George's mainly indie tastes and Tom's 'emo' preferences, the duo failed to find common ground due to a clashing of musical tastes. However, during the long summer after completing their GCSEs at Marple Hall School, they realised that they both had a love for ambient electronica music, and decided to get together for a jam to see what happened. The pair first got together for a prolific jamming section in June 2006 which culminated in the recording of their first demo, Satelite.
The Freedom Circle, Postcard Home's latest song, was written, recorded and produced by the duo themselves in Tom's house after many hours of work.
Currently, Tom and George are both students at Aquinas Sixth Form College in Stockport. T