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We may be listening but how many of us can say we are really hearing?

Modern music seems to stick to a set template guaranteeing commercial gain. Boy bands and Girl bands releasing cover after cover version of other artist's music.

Yet sampling is generally seen as poaching, can it not also be seen as a compliment, A way by which you can emphasise a specific moment or memory, like something you hear as a child?

Organic Frequencies is building on the idea of living sound (hence the name) Creating atmospheres and sounds which morph and change as it blends infinitely

" The electronic musings of Organic Frequencies are crafted using artificial means, but their music breathes life into listeners by "building on the idea of living sound." Minimal bass lines pump, dreamy electronic soundscapes billow, and shuffling drum chops gallop at just the right pace. The U.K. production team creates biological and blissful beats for all. "

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