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Only10LEFT are a duo of talented young lads from opposite ends of the UK. They are Producers/Musicians(classically trained)DJ's and while Gav (22) is currently studying an MA in Creative Music, Chris at only 21 has just finished his second year in Creative Music.

The pair naturally fit into a working relationship, Coop churns out the ideas with a native energy, to be subjected to Gav's critical flair; editing and cutting. The two are unmistakably individuals. They produced independently for a while, and although all tunes are shared projects, each has the definite flavour of one or other artist. The boys are faithful Ableton Live users. Any experimentation with the program was propelled by their shared pooling of ideas, pushing each other on to try new things. At only 21 and 22 they are already fluent in Live, charging ahead with instrument creation on Max MSP watch out and Enjoy their first release.