Oggy and the Originals


If you stare down a barrel
down the barrel of a gun
when you see a flash
you know you're time has come
is there light at the end of the tunnel
or is that an on-coming train

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Welcome! to the home page of Oggy and the Originals.

We're are an english band and we're not afraid to acknowledge the artists that inspired us to get in to music in the first place.

We are not copy-cats, we do have our own brand of music and whilst not being imitators, we do have a very healthy love and respect for people such as David Bowie, Iggy Pop and Brian Eno. artists of this ilk who have made the world a brighter place for all of us and without whom we would all have probably died of boredom!

Also The German Music scene of the late 70's (although fringe) does deserve a mention as an inspiration, people like Neu, Can, Conny Planck and Michael Rother to name a few.

We like making the kind of music that we like! Hope you enjoy it, spread the word, still some great music out there!