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Corey Klass - Guitarist, bassist,
James Markas - Vocalist, pianist, drummer

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First originated as The Black Stripes, they live in the depths of Thousand Oaks, California. Corey and James perform their heart out for every show and every song they write down or record.
They came up with their style of music listening to many rock idols such as ~The Kinks, Rolling Stones, Beatles, Modest Mouse, Red Hott Chilli Peppers, The Doors, and many more~, trying to not only examine the boundaries of great rock but also crossing them.

They've been playing for years, and all they can say about Music so far is "Music is it. the one thing in life everyone could relate to no matter if you play or not, its music and its amazing."
Hope you enjoy.

"Smile... we're playing for you"