Mr Anchovy


Mr Anchovy a Funk Jazz Latin Drum & Bass vibe with a live mix of Guitar Drums Keyboards Violin and Trumpet.
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Mr Anchovy formed in 2003, a four piece band full of adrenalin, their live shows never slowing throughout the entire set! A Jazzy Funky Latin Drum & Bass vibe with a Live mix of guitar, Drums, Keyboards, Electric Violin and trumpet.

Track 'Right Now' played on BBC6 Radio!
"Looking at the unsigned bands around Surrey, we've found some really good ones! And one of the best I have to say is Mr Anchovy!"
-Tom Robinson,
The Evening Sequence, BBC6 Music

Track 'Somewhere downtown'
played on
GFM at Glastonbury festival !

'Rough cuts' Reading University gig
broadcast on

Orbit FM Interview 87.7FM
tracks played

Redstone FM interview
tracks played 87.7fm

'RIGHT NOW' included on the
SAVE OMAR CD album !