Man.... You No rapping is not an easy task.. It takes hard word and alot of thinking.. I try to do good in school cause im only a sophmore becoming a junior.. and cant see myself getting a ged i need

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Dis Ya Boy its a long story...... im 6'6 a sophmore in high schooll.... just trying to make it out...... i play basketball but its not really in my intrest.... i like to rap... nd mix with the beats and just wanna be a hit... my name is keenan aka Mr. Vibin. i go to northeast high school... just trying to live life...nd trying to get signed nd live the good life.. i no its gonna take a while but im sure i can do it. I never was intrested in rappin before... but something just came to my head in said that i can do it... so ive been working hard... in redoing my songs to make sure its perfect... i really wanna succeed.. nd hope to make it big.. i give props to my mom for supporting me..... nd my brother nd ma boy jesse, in my boy wacheen thats my nigga that makes my beats for me... dats ma nigga.. and also my dog tony..........You no my mom always said practice makes perfect..
NOW TO ALL MY HATERS THAT WANNA HATE ON MY MUSIC. You know this is something that i wanna d