Meditations are a progressive collective based in Edinburgh, Scotland from the mins of Sean Watson and Alastair White. Check out the Myspace site at

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Structural damage, obsessive observers, the infertile interference...probed violation of our own creation; our own creation created this- by this, by us, we made man made methods...frowning at the sunrise.
Purity is just another excuse.
I sleep alone, but not without, the ebbing flood of enduced doubt. ...that I, with wings as swift as Meditation or the thoughts of love, May sweep to my revenge.

We Are

Sean Watson: Singing, Guitar
Alastair White: Piano, Synth, Programming
Shoubhik Bandopadhyay: Bass, Violin, Harmony
Craig Hamilton: Drums and Percussion

We Are

Young enough to know that being wise is not enough