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Le Pig has been producing and performing songs since early 2000, in the form of writers; Brian Palm (Lead Vocals) and Luke Henderson (Guitar). Le Pig play a unique and quirky style of UK influenced garage / RnB which encompasses "the not quite black enough soul vocals of Brian Palm and the not quite rock enough quirky production style of Luke Henderson”

The Summer of the Pig
In July 2004, Le Pig released their debut ep “Do what u like” featuring three mixes of the summer anthem “Do what u like”. The mission had become clear " let’s make music we wanna hear".

Le Pig La Rocka!
In 2005 the Palm and Henderson production team recruited some additional members: M. Sepple – Drums, E. – Bass guitar, S. Johnson, D. McDonald and W. FitzGerald - backing vocals.
A Live EP “Le Pig La Rocka!” was released featuring the live band. Le Pig has created a unique rocked out and souled down vehicle that is slick and catchy on CD, and when playedlive, pushed the funk element to the edge.