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The uncompromising live stage show'll put hairs on your chests or breasts! Pushing the limits of every venue, every amp, and every drum-kit thats big enough to stand on!

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At first listen, the healthy blend of, balls-to-the-wall, Rock Agus F'n' Roll, heavy groove-laden riffs will stop you dead in your tracks and demand your head bang or your feet stomp along! From the opening vocal melody, you can tell, heres a hard-rockin band, that isnt compromised, as so many are, with sub-par singing! Each member in the band brings their own unique style and extensive musical backgrounds to the mix, each quietly confident and wholly competent in theyre instrumental assault! No quarters given, whether theyre practicing , recording or gigging! Whether heavy or laid-back, bluesy songs youre caught instantly and theres nout you can do but sing and rock along! With intricate embellished riffs, twin harmony leads, thunderous, intricate bass line's, pounding, invigorating drum beats, squealing, diving, singing, blistering lead fills this is a band thats rockin hard and enjoying it!!