The Princess of Powerpop !
Larissa, 23, Singer/Songwriter/Model from Siberia/Russia is one of the most shining Newcomer Stars in the international music scene.

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Larissa, Singer/Songwriter/Model , 23, a native of Tomsk/Siberia, Russia, began performing at the age of seven. In addition to studying music, she toured as a part of a Russian Folk group and steeled her passion and determination to write her own music.

After already been pretty successful as a model, she took her chance to produce her Debut CD 'Blue' in Germany, featuring 13 fantastic self-written songs in her personal style of 'Romantic Power Pop'.

Although the CD was just released in June 2006, she already got a lot of positive reviews in musical newspapers and holds the No.1 position in several international Charts for Unsigned Artists.

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