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The Code (Volume 1) will be available Summer 2006!

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Kryptic: Unlocking the code!

Stepping it up, changing it up, and offering some new styles
For Kryptic, the hard work they have put into their short career since their days of running The Kryptic Movement and karaoke contests have paid off handsomely. After several tries with other people and other band The Dragon & Vanilla Joe met up during a Star For A Day Karoake night at Kimmer's Bar & Grill in Green Bay, WI. Soon after the two turned to rap & rock music and, along with another friend from The Kryptic Movement, formed the hip-rock trio Kryptic. The trio went on to hook up with dj Ashtasy, for the groundbreaking, EP, "The Code (Volume 1)", coming this June.

Kryptics debut, THE CODE (VOLUME 1), WILL introduce the world to THEIR influential "Hip-Rock," a seamless blend of old-school 7 new-school R&B, cutting-edge street rap & hard hitting Rock. The chart-topping singles "The Code" and "Katherine," made the Soundclick Top 200, helping the songs be heard by more than four thousan