Name: Kharma
Hometown: Edmonton
Reppin: West Side JP
Workin Progress: Tha Paradox
Droppin: Early to Mid 2007
Singles: "Tha 4-1-1" (More Commin Soon)

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Wuts good, tha names Kharma, aka Paradox. I been in tha rap game writin lyrics since I wuz 12, but only started recording last year. I ain't claimin' to be tha best, cuz I know theres alwayz another person out there who can do it better, no matter what ya do. So I'ma keep it real, if y'all support Canadian music, and wanna see hip hop in tha North fly under tha wings of someone with drive and determination, then support ya boi, cuz I'm gonna put not only my city (E-town reppin'), but also my country on tha map. Peace.