"Karn8; Garbage's straight up alterno/pop, Goldfrapp's whispering sensuousness and the industro grind of Ministry" Jon Doran - Metal Hammer (8/10)

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Karn8, from the Aldershot area of South England that spawned the likes of Vex Red and Reuben. We play a dark, groove-filled mix of heavy rock, industrial and goth which has garnered us the label as a 'dirty rock' band within our thriving local scene.

"With a strong Misfits style image and confident stage presence Karn8 grind their way through a buzzy, industrial tinged rock set with a professionalism that puts them out in front of most unsigned bands."
- Sophie Jackson @ Southscene

"Karn8 have got the show. They received a fantastic response from their ever-eager audience, and really got the crowd going with well known songs."
- Nobin @ Ultimatesound

"Karn8 occupy the space between Queen Adreena's violent, goth-pop exhibitionism and Rachel Stamp's sleazy gutter glam. With coyly interweaving vocal lines, blood-curdling screams and more pronounced instrumental roles."
- Jenny @ 44 Caliber

"Mirror Mirror' is an awesomely catchy slab of pop influenced metal which brings