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Hello, friends!

It's a great pleasure to introduce you a band from Poland (Europe) named K2 which is going to add splendour to each event it plays, surprising the audience with live energy and unusual shape of the live show.

K2 band was founded in 2000 and plays new technology rock-metal music. The band is known in Poland for their multi-sense, spectacular performances. One of those shows was honoured by Polish
edition of Metal Hammer magazine, which granted K2 "The show of the year" in 2002.

On march 29th 2004, New Energy label under Universal Music Poland records released the band's first album called "Wrzazg". It was promoted by "Poczumczum" single and video. In October and November, the band was on tour around Poland which included more than 40 shows in clubs
and fests all over the country. K2 achieves more and more popularity with its songs raising on many radio charts.