Junkyard Scientists


"A great live band with hints of Jamiroquai and Amp Fiddler." - BBC radio

"Funk? A forgotten genre? Well, don't let Junkyard Scientists hear you say that! These guys are injecting a cosmopolitan house flavor into a high funk template. JS manage to add a whole new history and vitality, twisting th

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Junkyard Scientists - a 7-piece funk/ soul/ hip-hop band, hailing from Reading and London - started in early 2007 at house parties and raves around those areas. Originally 2 members, the Junkyard ethic grabbed the attention of various characters and rapidly grew into a live experience.

After only a handful of gigs in Reading, the band were offered a monthly residency at the Fairtrade bar/venue The Global Cafe in London Street, Reading.

'That's The Jam', which is run, organised and played by Junkyard Scientists, now regularly attracts bands, DJs and crowds from London, Berkshire and Surrey and has broken the bar-take record at the venue no fewer than three times.

In December 2007 Junkyard's first recorded track Mistress won a demo panel session on BBC Radio Berkshire and now features regularly on the playlist.

For bookings/studio demos/bio please contact junkyardscientists@googlemail.com, add us up to keep an eye out on the space for upcoming gigs.