Johnnie Gee


From the begining Johnnie Gee has had
a powerful career. His experience with
music is very exstensive, from recording to producing, acting and entertaining.

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Sidetraxx Distributing, in conjuction with Cuca Records, has released the earliest recordings of Step By Step and Johnnie Gee . You'll love these smooth, innocent vocals that nine-year old Johnnie Gee recorded in 1972, performing this classic tune as if he were already a seasoned pro.

Cuca was one of the first Wisconsin labels to record funk, pop, soul and r&b, and the label featured many great Midwest talents. As Johnnie Gee recalls: "I remember recording in Sauk City, Wisconsin at Mr. James Kirchstein's studio. It was fun back then; I couldn't sit still from the excitement. My mom (Elgie Gee) yelled at me to 'stop running up and down these people's stairs and get ready to insert your lyrics into the song'." Gee had a strong family background, with the tireless help and encouragement of Mom and Dad ensuring that he would become something special in life as he pursued a career in the music industry.

This Sidetraxx Distributing release, "Time After Time"/"She's Gone", shows o