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Born in UK in 1985 rapper Jamez Woodz had no clue he would be taken to Africa. But at the age of six years old, Jamez found himself in Uganda. In 1995 at the age of Ten James first came to understand the meaning of salvation. A young man of about 19 years old had explained to him about accepting Jesus as his personal Lord. James accepted and said a prayer of salvation. Although James had tried to understand this He was still young it would be another four years before He got serious about serving God! In August of 2004 Jamez Woodz launched his first album SET FREE and many people got saved. Jamez had to leave two weeks after that to go back to London. Jamez in feb of 2006 launched Alpha 1 UK records and is currently working on his lastest project 'Silent Dayz',Watch out for more stuff coming soon.. JamezWoodz does not do Hiphop He only Raps, Rap is a style.