Jaguar Skills


Jaguar Skills...the superhero, ninja, block-rocking DJ!

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Who Is He??!!
He came from London, England, and went into the mountains of northern Spain, to a hide out, to hang with Ninja Master Sho Kosugi and Wayward Taoist guru Barefoot Doctor, then came back home!
The Ninja Warlord of the Fillionaire party scene, DJ Jaguar Skills, thats who!
Master of the deadly arts of the DJ Ninja, Jaguar Skills' background is a shrouded in sexual intrigue and ninja mystery.
Not even he knows exactly why, but every time he holds up his magic stick and says, Jaguar, Jaguar, Jaguar Skills...HO!, he transforms into the funkiest ninja in the galaxy!
Suitable for freaks and pencil necked geeks, its the unknown underground DJ Ninja sensation! So if you can find him (its not that difficult, youre on his page, fool!) and no one else can help you, maybe you can hire....