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Jimmy Diehard formed in May 2005 in London, UK. Jimmy Diehard features Robert Watt (A.K.A. Mr Rocker), Clayton Scott (A.K.A. Clay) and Dirk Schellinger (A.K.A The Diggler) - all hailing from three different coastal cities in the beautiful land that is South Africa. They all met in London while on their own travels pursuing their purpose in life. They are not your average London rock band, featuring three South Africans, prodigious songwriting and an electrifying live performance. Their use of dynamics within the live arena gives an incredible edge to their music and performance, which is said to be lacking in a lot of music today.

In a few short months since forming in May, the band has already played top London venues such as The Garage and The Watershed and the famous outdoor Cannizaro Park Festival in Wimbledon. With forthcoming shows and plans to record a 5 track EP early 2006, they don't show any signs of slowing down! When Robert Watt (A.K.A. Mr Rocker) is asked to describe th