Ionian Welcomes You!!

Progessive Rock

Maryport/Ambleside/Keswick, Cumbria

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Members Of Ionian:

Sophie Wilson [Vocals],
Mike Riley [Bass],
Jamie Francis [Guitar],
Kiefer McCrickerd [Guitar],
Ben McCartney [Drums]

Formed: 2006


Ionian are a 5-piece, Alternative Rock band based in Cumbria in the UK. They play a mixture of covers and original music, and are currently working on their own concept album which should be ready soon.

The band formed after Kiefer, Jamie and Ben left their previous band (after artistic differences). Jamie moved school to Keswick, where he met Mike, and later Sophie. After a couple of jam sessions together, they decided to start Ionian.

Ionian experiment with different aspects of rock music, whilst trying to keep the classic feel. They use the instruments to their full potential (which means not just playing 3 power chords).

They are all still in secondary school (Mike and sophie are in 6th form), but they have been playing since they were very young and are all experienced musicians, despite their age.