InZaneCountry is George Bolam. I write the songs, words and music, play, sing and record them. Every sound you hear is me. My album, 'FairyTale' is a musical allegory, based on a true story....

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Just A modern FairyTale....

In old Belmont County there's a little ferry town…
It's 2-30 p.m. The oppressive heat and humidity of the last few days has given way to a ferocious summer storm, raging over the Ohio Valley, just a little west of Wheeling, West Virginia. The rain lashes the tree clad hills surrounding the little Ferry town that nestles, quietly, on the west bank of the great Ohio River, on the Ohio side of the Ohio State and West Virginia border. Lightning strikes somewhere out in the grey, green unknown, and the sound of thunder, rumbling, grumbling, reverberates round the surrounding hills……. At last, the rain subsides, the howling wind sends the dark grey clouds scudding eastwards, and the Sun appears, brightly, in the height of the clear blue mid afternoon sky…..

At that precise moment, in England, four and a half thousand miles away, a man decides he must go back to Belmont County.....

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Title:  Just A Modern FairyTale
Created: Wednesday 03 January 21:03
Last Updated: Wednesday 03 January 21:09
Category:  General
Summary:'FairyTale' is the new Album by InZaneCountry.....Life is a complex kind of on going evolution, it takes it's twists and turns, and every day is a new adventure. One thing we can be certain of is that changes will occur. Some changes are small, and fairly inconsequential, some are big, and much more dramatic... InZaneCountry and my record, 'Fairytale' came about because events in my life took a turn which made me re-evaluate most of my life long views and cherished concepts....I realised I could not let my new view of the world go unremarked. 'FairyTale' is a musical allegory based on the true story of the dramatic changes in two lives, the lives of two people seperated by Four and a half thousand miles.....     

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