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If you don't know what the 3 letters I.K.V. stands for... you will. Although the self proclaimed Insane Krazed Vietnamese wasn't sure if he even wanted to pursue music as a career, IKV has quickly become one of the most talked-about acts in Houston -- all thanks to his unreleased song "I Rock it!".

As unconventional as his name is, it is by far the most conventional thing about him. In an attempt to bring his fans into his world and expose a little bit of his soul, there was not much that his camp would share. Almost as if they themselves were not privy to this information. Very mysterious is his personality, Odd is his style, Smash Mouth is his music and Insane his lifestyle, which is nowhere near the ordinary as been described by the Executive Team on his Label. "He's got everything it takes to be a Worldwide Superstar." Robert Ford, Co-owner of Canvas Entertainment says of IKV. "Yeah, he definitely got it all! He's tremendously talented and he's a little crazy.