Primal, souped-up, skronked out 1-man blues racket extraordinaire. Screaming lapsteel, strangulated harmonica riffs & bearded howls are pounded together into a visceral cocktail of raw blues power.

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Honkeyfinger has landed. Primal, pounding skronk-blues mayhem from the depths of east London. Take the traditional country blues, fuse it with screaming lapsteel and howling vocals, turn it up to 11 and you'll still be nowhere near this skronk hell roadshow. 1 man band extraodinaire, The Honkey is already setting fire to the capital with his blistering live shows. This is the debut single, available here as a high quality 192 mp3 download. Or for the discerning music collector you can pick up the limited edition (500 copies) numbered 7 inch vinyl form www.roughtrade.com, hand forged in eastern Europe by werewolves on PCP...