High Rollerz


The High Rollerz are on top of the world, on top of your girl bustin nuts like pockets on squirrels, and we're rockin her world.

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Las Vegas very own Rap/Hip-Hop super-duo grew from humble beginnings in early 2001. There Josh Wright started working at a mall in Las Vegas Nevada, were he met up with Ryan Drake. The two quickly banded together and formed a partnership that would transcend the ritualistic normalcy of their everyday routines. The pair rapidly became notorious for their uncanny ability to find trouble. An example of this is the famous Wheat Thins Night. Where they were spotted hurling the tasty snack at a tourist while his sister was kissing their hands. Another great example of these crazy antics is when they decided to hijack a bottle of Patron Tequila from a local Von's Grocery Store. Witnesses described Ryan casually strolling out like he owned the place, swinging the bottle by its neck. However it was not until Ryan moved away that they discovered they had a future in music.

Josh, then known as the Lyrical Messiah, decided to pursue his rap career by recording tracks and submitting demos. Thou