Henry Essence


Henry Essence-

This 1970's Punk /New wave band released this singe which has now become highly collectable. Down load a copy now! Rated highly as a good example of the pub / club sound circuit.

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Henry Essence-

Due to a die hard following, Henry Essence are about to release a new collection of previously unreleased original material that was recorded during the 70's punk/ New Wave era.

The band, Keith Reay - lead guitar vocals, Steve Manning rhythm guitar vocals. Marcus Anderson- bass and John 'prog' Hedgecock -Drums spent two days in a Westcountry studio in 1998 and recorded 'Ice and Ash' and 'Working Man'.

The orginal vinyl '45' single exchanges hands from anywhere between £50.00 to £250.00.

You can purchase downloads of these tracks for
only 90p each. However, the first five downsloads sold will be at the incredible price of ONLY 20p!

enjoy the music