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Born in London in 1965, like many young people Kevin Skinner had a keen interest in music, his early tastes were eclectic in nature, ranging from the classical composers to exponents of jazz and progressive rock. Apart from listening to music however, he had musical ideas of his own. At the age of fifteen he began learning to play guitar and was soon making a name for himself amongst fellow musicians, working his apprenticeship as a guitarist playing at first in local bands and soon graduating to international work in Europe, predominantly in Holland. Kevin’s popularity among musicians he worked with came from his ability to know what was needed in a song. Studio time is money, and to have someone with the ability to turn up, listen to the song a couple of times and then compose or improvise a guitar part and record it in just one or two takes makes them a valuable asset.

As well as being a musician, Kevin has always been first and foremost a composer.